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2:47 PM

Rhône-Alpes: Grenoble, Lyon, Savoie - Oleg and Valya

Rent bicycles and go around the lake - about 30km. It takes all day with many stops along the way. The west side of the lake has a good bike path, while on the east side you ride on a narrow hilly road. But it goes right by the lake and has better views than the bike path. The road is for cars, a typical country road with two narrow lanes and hardly any shoulder. Riding the bike was just for fun.
Chateau de Menthon Saint-Bernard
The first fortress was erected in the 10th century. The present buildings were constructed between the 13th and 19th centuries (which does not prevent the guides from showing the window through which St. Bernard has escaped the castle). It is still owned by the descendants of the original builder.
Bernard of Menthon - the future St. Bernard, patron saint of mountaineers - was born in the castle in 1008. He fled the castle the night before his wedding.
It is a residence, but apparently not heavily used. So there are regular guided tours. Twice a day, or so (I don't remember exactly), and maybe not even every day.
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Duingt - Chateau de Chateauvieux

According to Oleg, "Not really crowded. It is not easy to get to, and you have to make it a destination."

View from telepherique
Telepherique is the cable car :-)
View from telepherique
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Telepherique globes

6:38 PM

Castles of the Loire Valley - Oleg and Valya

Top ten according to some guy:

And here is the place where one can see miniature copies of all the castles - to figure out which ones to travel to:

Здесь "люди, как всегда, кучкуются в нескольких местах, а остальные - довольно пустынны. Вот в Council Hall пришлось как следует изощряться. Впрочем, главное - не вляпаться в экскурсию."



Cathedrale St-Gatien

Blois was the seat of powerful counts since the IX century and a royal residence in the XV-XVI centuries. In addition to the castle, the town has several medieval quarters, each with distinct character.
View from the Francois I wing staircase

Chambord was built as a hunting lodge for Francis I but never fully completed. Compared to many other Loire Valley castles, it has much less history and seems imposing but rather empty. The roof terraces, however, with their elaborate towers and chimneys, are spectacular.

View from Grand Canal

2:15 PM

North-Western France (around Brest) by Oleg & Valya

Fort de Berthaume, Plougonvelin:

Towns around Finistere:

Chateau de Kerjean:

Dinan and St. Brieuc:

St-Malo :

Mont St-Michel :
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