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8:49 PM

Hot springs are especially pleasurable in winter

We enjoyed those during our ski trip in Colorado.

10:08 PM

The first two albums from our Belize trip

This was the first trip we had from Placencia.

5:30 PM

Boundary Waters - our four-day trip

We spent the Labor Day weekend at Boundary Waters - a pristine place near the Canadian border in MN, where motor boats are not allowed.

1:42 PM

Frogs, iguanas, etc. roam free on the lodge's grounds

We always had birds as company in the restaurant, could chase iguanas next to our room, and take a look at colorful frogs in the frog garden just steps away from the room.

  • Laguna Lodge

  • 2014-10-16
    6:01 PM

    Wildlife is abundant where there are no roads

    Two days - September 7 and 9: 3.5 hours each on the way to Tortuguero National Park and back.

  • Canal de Tortuguero

  • 2014-10-14
    1:56 PM

    On this beach you can see nesting turtles

    Green turtles lay eggs here July through October.

  • Turtle nesting beach

  • 2014-10-13
    11:10 AM

    First album from our Costa Rica trip

    Arenal Volcano is probably the most famous attraction in the country.

  • 19 Views of Volcán Arenal

  • 2014-08-20
    2:17 PM

    Illinois's sandstone bluffs

    Don't think that cornfields is the only landscape type in IL. We have, e.g., bluffs here as well, and sometimes we find time to enjoy those.

  • Starved Rock State Park

  • 2014-02-16
    4:23 PM

    Time to think about eternal life...

    Can a cemetery be a haven in the city? Only in Chicago!

  • Graceland Cemetery

  • 2013-11-14
    10:52 PM

    Golden leaves and thousands of cranes on the same day - is not it lovely?

  • Golden leaves and sandhill cranes at Jasper-Pulaski

  • Here is our short video shot at sunset:

    12:54 PM

    An inspirational hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

    We spent six days in the park. This hike took most of the second day, though not all of it.

  • Glacier Gorge Trail to Mills Lake

  • 2013-08-19
    8:26 PM

    The first album from our Colorado-Wyoming trip

  • Garden of the Gods

  • 2012-03-23
    11:35 AM

    The first two albums from Galina's Istanbul trip

    It was just a short stop over on my way to Russia.

    9:59 PM

    Aviation History Museum in Kalamazoo (MI)

    This museum is less than three hours by car from our home.

    11:30 PM

    What seniors and their dates do before the Prom

    They gathered at a friend's house to allow parents take pictures. Then they boarded a limo and headed towards Ritz Carlton for another series of pictures (it was rainy outside). Finally, they went to Shedd Aquarium, the Prom venue, where they were greeted by their Dean of Students.

    4:18 PM

    Historic role play that you can take part in not far from Chicago

    This was taken in 2006. Took less than five years to post :)

    9:24 PM

    Our summer trip to St. Louis

    5:09 PM

    One of Ana's passions

    During the last performance at the Museum of Science and Industry we finally took enough pictures to make an album. However, there was no video recording this time :( Some older pictures are at the end of the album.

    Here is a later recording (Fall 2010):

    And one more (also Fall 2010):

    During a class (Winter 2010):

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