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Tuesday, October 2, 2007
1:02 PM

Tagging issues   

Tired of Fotki's frustrating bulk tagging, posted in the following discussion:

Here is a reply to that post:
napomo [Premium Member] 11/02/07 3:06 PM

I am not sure if I understand you right.
I agree that removing doesn't work properly with bulk tagging - that needs to be improved.
But there IS the option to select groups of pics in an album and to assign (additional) tags. You just select them by checking the lil selection box and then click bulk tagging.

Galina: so, this box is not just for Edit or Delete!

It looks, however, that they are not reading these forums. Should probably post in their blog:

BTW, here is one of the numerous notes there:

2. Tagging Bug

It has been observed that if a photo is "tagged", that photo is now made available via Fotki's search engine. The same photo found via the search engine can be right clicked on and saved whether or not you the original owner of the photo disabled right-click in your album. I personally don't care about this. If I want to keep my pictures that secure, they wouldn't be online in the first place. However, I have heard a lot of people and friends almost have a heart attack because their once protected pictures are being made available to the world for free. On the otherhand, those who call themselves "Taggers", no relation to the tagging I am refering to here, now have a free resource to photos that they can grab without the owners consent. This is a serious security issue. Any idea when or if there is a plan to fix this?

Fotki's reply: We'll investigate it and let you know about the results.

By Fotki ( Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:37 AM)
not all Fotki members have time to tag their photos. And we do want the photos deserving to be tagged and to be reachable through Fotki search to have tags. We do this kind of work on a regular basis: One of Fotki team members does this every day.

For example, GaryGS1 was pleased we had tagged his albums :)

By napomo ( Friday, October 6, 2006 11:46 AM)
Maybe it helps if Fotki would take care for a fast and perfect picture display as top priority and then list the suggestions and conduct a poll for the ranking of the most desired changes. Till that is done everything else can wait and after that one step at a time.

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