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8:33 AM

Zlatko-visko from Serbia, now living in Greece

Создание этой деревни (Дрвенград) - идея Кустурицы.
Countryside in Serbia:
I especialy liked a small wooden church in this album ( and Zlatko has commented on it below.

Serbian churches and monasteries:

It's so heart-warming to see how similar Slavic churches are, even though Serbia is not a neighbor of Russia or Ukraine.

1:05 PM

AFI from New Mexico
Also has a site: : Dave Arnold specializes in photographs of the Southwest including memories of Route 66 and the beautiful landscape of New Mexico.

He also has an HDR tutorial that many Fotkins praise: . (Note: for some reason it does not open in my Firefox, but I could open it in IE7.)
I first saw a reference to his HDR experiment ( and then I loved his contest submission:

10:32 AM

YNB - пора и для них запись завести


Немножко готики:
Немножко готики

Black Knight ....





10:24 AM

Slava Anosov from Buffalo Grove IL

IMG 1133

IMG 1136

IMG 1213

A backpacking trip in Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness near Aspen, Colorado. They spent 3 days going on the Four Pass Loop trail. BTW, Maroon Bells should be a must for a UC alumna...
Storm over Maroon Bells

Here is lake Isabelle in Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado:
Lake Isabelle

Галина: Развернула панораму во весь экран моего нового Sony TV. Красота! Я смотрю, сюда даже доехать можно. Как это озеро называется?
Слава: Это маленькое озерцо не знаю. Но это на подъездах к озеру Брейнард. Там, кстати, есть кемпинг прям около озера. Типа как кемпграунд у озера Джейн в Титоне.

9:58 AM

Lyudmila & Yuliy from NYC

I especially liked their sunset album:
Slava Anosov had a great note about this picture: "Clouds look like a giant bird."

А вот на этой фотографии замечательную динамику создаёт градиент яркости:

Their recent trip to Israel was an interesting observation - especially in comparison with my own impressions from 1995:



I should also look at their Arizona and Utah albums:

5:10 PM

Webcam projects by Roy D from Virginia
View From Purchase Knob
A collection of webcam images from around the country. See

From Roy:
I just check the various sites and when I see something that grabs me I save it. The identification of the camera may depend on which site the photo came from. I have never noticed. While I agree that the quality of one's photo equipment is important, I think the most important part of photography is the ability to recognize beauty when you see it. That ability to see and recognize beauty is what make outstanding photos, at least in my humble opinion.

3:54 PM

Painting With Light

Also this one that I commented:

Karl Davis is a freelance photographer based in Cary, NC who specializes in creating superior images for portrait, sports and landscape photography.

1:31 PM


Станислав из Москвы
Also lived in India>Kerala>Thiruvananthapuram ,
so he has lot of pix about India:

Очень понравилась вот эта фотка из Trichy (Tiruchirapalli):
IMG 9331

От Станислава (про Индию):
я давно пишу в журнал, только по другому адресу:
Я прожил там 2 года, открыл гостиницу в Керале. но сейчас уже нахожусь в России.

Мои размышления/планы:
Моя дочь уж несколько лет занимается инд. класическим танцем Bharatanatyam (см. Хочу свозить её на родину танца, особенно в Chidambaram. Прочла у Станислава описание праздника в Tiruchirappalli ( и думаю, стоит ли ехать во время ежегодного фестиваля танца Bharatanatyam... Не задавят?..

I have found a portal of Kerala - the state located in the south-western part of India:
This portal contains info on the forms of dance (both folk and classical, including Bharatanatyam) performed & practiced in Kerala.
It probably makes sense to visit Kirala during the trip to Tamil Nadu - see info about its culture: . Its nature is also great.

Other Bharatanatyam links (also see Wikipedia):

Open Directory project:

2:53 PM

Oleg & Valya from Philadelphia Looked through their Yellowstone and Grand Teton pics. It's remarkable that they visited different areas, which also look great.

Travel idea for Germany: Being based on the beautiful lake Constanz (Bodensee), make day trips to the Neckar Valley, Bavarian Alps, and Black Forest. See По дороге вниз с горы Тегельберг открывается вид на Schloss Neuschwanstein. Замок - на своем холме, но невысоком относительно гор вокруг. Тропа идет вниз серпантином, на каждом повороте открывается новая "смотровая площадка."


От Олега: Я снимаю Canon Rebel XTi с Tamron 28-200 (во что он там с цифровой камерой превращается). Как правило, на program или aperture priority. Валя снимает Panasonic DSC-LZ2, очень качественный компакт.

У их очаровательной дочери есть собственный account на Фотках: Она - в команде Harriton High School Science Olympiad; выступают на Nationals.

А сын Саша - студент U of Rochester (если я правильно догадалась, увидав его майку):
Кошка Вьюшка, которая спит не там
(См. если Фотки опять намудрят с иконкой.)
С 2010-го Саша - Ph.D. student at U Penn. grandfather's drawings... layers and layers of branches, overlapping and still clearly covered in snow
...одна из тех, которые висят у бабушки? Мне помнится, была какая-то картинка с ручейком и зимними деревьями.

11:39 AM

Poetic portret by Lena Glik

3:09 PM

Chicago Pictures

YNB: "Modern Ice" and "Cloud Gate" in February:

4:31 PM

Travel - by Gypsy at Heart from Netherlands

Many countries, including Russia (has not been to Russian North, though).

Her list of places to go and visited:

She wrote the following in our guest book on 2009-02-28:

I am also very curious about visiting the north of Russia at some stage in future. My visits to northern Scandinavia has convinced me that I need to see the north of Russia as well.

Not a regular tourist destination as far as I can gather. So I will have to get in contact with people who have been there and who are familiar with this region.

If you and your Family are visiting the Netherlands at any stage you are welcome to contact me and it would be my pleasure to show you around. Castles, windmills, tulip fields, interesting little fishing villages and of course Amsterdam!

10:45 AM

MandT from NYC

Mikhail and Tanya live in NYC.

I especially liked and commented their following pix:
Rain drops on a brunch work as lenses
Daydream: sun rays in a forest
Waterfall on Kauai, Hawaii - shot from a helicopter

10:22 AM

Wildlife pix by Scrum8

Since not everyone in my family approves adding to our friend list those people whom we don't know personally, I'll make notes about other people's pictures here.

I have been admiring the following set of albums by Bruce for a while already: Wildlife

In the summer of 2004 he bought a EF 70-200mm f/4 L glass lens for his Canon EOS Digital Rebel and since then achieved a lot using it.
BTW, as of 2007-07 he already had Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi ( see a picture ).

Today I have noticed him use focal length 400, so I asked him what kind of lens it is. Here is what he wrote in our guest book (Oct 2, 2007) about it:
The wallaby photo was taken at Kentucky Downunder which is a park on Interstate 65 with an Australian theme. They have guided tours inside the pens and the baby wallaby decided to stick his head out of the pouch while we were on our tour. I was using a Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5 - 5.6 lens (professional grade). 2008-11-12: I bet the following one is the same lens: flamingo.
The eagle shot was taken at the Toledo, Ohio Zoo, and it had a very dark background. I played around with it in Photoshop to see what I could do with it. I basically selected the whole background and then used the "paint" feature to change the background.
I can't remember which camera I used for the racoon shot. It might have been my Olympus C740 UZ, or possibly my Canon Rebel 300D. It was a long time ago.

Herr is what he thinks about XT versus XTi:
I'd recommend the Canon XTi over the XT. With the XTi you get the Sensor Cleaning, 2 more megapixels, and few more options. ISO 400 seems to be the default setting for most of the camera modes. I've tried shooting higher ISO in low light situations but then you get the grain and noise in the photo.
I do like the larger size of the XT though because it fits my hands better. I need to buy the dual battery base for the XTi in order to get a steadier grip. Buying it for the XT improved my shooting. You might check to see if any of the accessories are common with your current camera. I wasn't happy that the XT and XTi use different batteries.

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