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9:10 PM

Contest "Capture a Moment - Create a Memory!"

Sunrise in Torres del Paine, Chile

On The Yangtze River

Yuanyang rice terraced fields (magical)
Yuanyang, located at Yunnan Province of southern China is famous for its stunning landscape of rice terraced fields. An early morning trip to see the sunrise is a must for every visitor to Yuanyang. That morning, when I was there, it was too foggy to expect a beautiful sunrise. As most of the photographers were packing up to leave, all of a sudden, the magical moment appeared, and here you go, a memorable shot that I was able to capture.
Had to use a gradual ND filter to balance the contrast.

Koh Tao Island, Thailand by Ivani4i from SPb:
Used HDR just to the right extent - not overdone.

Margerie Glacier, Alaska

Camel Ride In Outback Australia


Жидкий дым

4:42 PM

Contest Crispness of Winter

My favorites (some winners, some underestimated, IMHO):
Winner: a fairy tale from Yosemite: ,
full size:
Srapada (Stan) 01-21- 2009: "Camera: Nikon D700, Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80) , Aperture: f/5.3, Focal Length: 75 mm, ISO Speed: 320 , adjustments were made with Aperture 1.5. I was actually at the Valley View of Yosemite to shoot El Capitan and the Merced River. Yosemite is an extremely difficult location to shoot; in that so many iconic images have been shot there. I often look for the shot that I have not seen taken by anyone. The image submitted is the result."

Rays Of Light (minimalistic meditative picture):

Pristine winter morning in SW MI - North Pier:

Branches with interesting texture:

Orange branches (Lithuanian Winter):

What if the trees had leaves in winter?

Frosty Footprint:

Frozen spiders web:

Wonderful ice crystals on a branch:

River with a plushy grass:

When the ice flames up:

Black cat in Winter:

frost flowers:

Gauja river valley in Sigulda, Latvia:

Frost on Glass:

The Promise of Spring (canoes):

Color in winter:
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