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8:36 AM

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Royal Gorge Canyon

By Lyudmila & Yuliy

6:04 PM

Crater Lake National Park (Oregon) by Dizz
From Dizz: Crater Lake is stunning any time of year. We've been there in July (yes, there were still large patches of unmelted snow) and it was just as gorgeous. Some years experience more snow than others. They try to keep the main road in plowed, but aren't always successful! For your first trip, I'd recommend summer. You won't be disappointed.

10:24 AM

Slava Anosov from Buffalo Grove IL

IMG 1133

IMG 1136

IMG 1213

A backpacking trip in Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness near Aspen, Colorado. They spent 3 days going on the Four Pass Loop trail. BTW, Maroon Bells should be a must for a UC alumna...
Storm over Maroon Bells

Here is lake Isabelle in Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado:
Lake Isabelle

Галина: Развернула панораму во весь экран моего нового Sony TV. Красота! Я смотрю, сюда даже доехать можно. Как это озеро называется?
Слава: Это маленькое озерцо не знаю. Но это на подъездах к озеру Брейнард. Там, кстати, есть кемпинг прям около озера. Типа как кемпграунд у озера Джейн в Титоне.

9:58 AM

Lyudmila & Yuliy from NYC

I especially liked their sunset album:
Slava Anosov had a great note about this picture: "Clouds look like a giant bird."

А вот на этой фотографии замечательную динамику создаёт градиент яркости:

Their recent trip to Israel was an interesting observation - especially in comparison with my own impressions from 1995:



I should also look at their Arizona and Utah albums:

5:10 PM

Webcam projects by Roy D from Virginia
View From Purchase Knob
A collection of webcam images from around the country. See

From Roy:
I just check the various sites and when I see something that grabs me I save it. The identification of the camera may depend on which site the photo came from. I have never noticed. While I agree that the quality of one's photo equipment is important, I think the most important part of photography is the ability to recognize beauty when you see it. That ability to see and recognize beauty is what make outstanding photos, at least in my humble opinion.
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