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4:58 PM

Мир в бутылке - от Вали

The picture was juried in into Tyme Gallery photo ehxibit:¬if_t=feed_comment_reply

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Rhône-Alpes: Grenoble, Lyon, Savoie - Oleg and Valya

Rent bicycles and go around the lake - about 30km. It takes all day with many stops along the way. The west side of the lake has a good bike path, while on the east side you ride on a narrow hilly road. But it goes right by the lake and has better views than the bike path. The road is for cars, a typical country road with two narrow lanes and hardly any shoulder. Riding the bike was just for fun.
Chateau de Menthon Saint-Bernard
The first fortress was erected in the 10th century. The present buildings were constructed between the 13th and 19th centuries (which does not prevent the guides from showing the window through which St. Bernard has escaped the castle). It is still owned by the descendants of the original builder.
Bernard of Menthon - the future St. Bernard, patron saint of mountaineers - was born in the castle in 1008. He fled the castle the night before his wedding.
It is a residence, but apparently not heavily used. So there are regular guided tours. Twice a day, or so (I don't remember exactly), and maybe not even every day.
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Duingt - Chateau de Chateauvieux

According to Oleg, "Not really crowded. It is not easy to get to, and you have to make it a destination."

View from telepherique
Telepherique is the cable car :-)
View from telepherique
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Telepherique globes

6:38 PM

Castles of the Loire Valley - Oleg and Valya

Top ten according to some guy:

And here is the place where one can see miniature copies of all the castles - to figure out which ones to travel to:

Здесь "люди, как всегда, кучкуются в нескольких местах, а остальные - довольно пустынны. Вот в Council Hall пришлось как следует изощряться. Впрочем, главное - не вляпаться в экскурсию."



Cathedrale St-Gatien

Blois was the seat of powerful counts since the IX century and a royal residence in the XV-XVI centuries. In addition to the castle, the town has several medieval quarters, each with distinct character.
View from the Francois I wing staircase

Chambord was built as a hunting lodge for Francis I but never fully completed. Compared to many other Loire Valley castles, it has much less history and seems imposing but rather empty. The roof terraces, however, with their elaborate towers and chimneys, are spectacular.

View from Grand Canal

10:07 PM

Beautiful underwater shots by Snowman8

Being Russian :), he was reckless enough to use a plastic bag (Dicapac WP-S10, only $100) for his Olympus E-3. The details are in his blog (Russian only)


2:30 PM

Winter In Istra and Zvenigorod by Snowcat8


2:16 PM

Diffusions by Zlatko-Visko

1:47 PM

People by Zlatko-Visko

Different people from different places, living their lives....


Photo taken in Athens, Greece

1:40 PM

May 9, 2009 album by Snowcat8


2:15 PM

North-Western France (around Brest) by Oleg & Valya

Fort de Berthaume, Plougonvelin:

Towns around Finistere:

Chateau de Kerjean:

Dinan and St. Brieuc:

St-Malo :

Mont St-Michel :

9:39 AM

Gypsy's Andalucia trip

Alhambra Nasrid Palace (50)
Gypsy at Heart

8:36 AM

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Royal Gorge Canyon

By Lyudmila & Yuliy

11:03 PM

Albino byzon


Lyudmila & Yuliy

9:48 AM

Kris Cohen on Ordinary Photography

Kris completed a one-year ESRC project about ordinary photography and the Internet, entitled "Photos Leave Home". From that (old) blog: "My broadest interest is to understand how ordinary photography (all of our clamorous photos of cats and parties and weddings and babies and torture, so visible of late), considered in its omnipresence, potentializes new forms of public life and public knowing... Is it clear what an omnipresent photography makes knowable and what it forces into secrecy? Whether that omnipresence is a becoming or a being? In any case, two contemporary phenomena, one as grotesque as the other is banal, seem to literalize some part of Sontag's concern: on the side of the remarkably unremarkable are photoblogs,, and commercial photography sites like and, witnesses to an eruption of intimate photography, out of photo albums and into visibility; on the side of the grotesquely banal are the Abu Ghraib photographs, through which banality erupts as a traumatic event. "
See Kris's info

12:33 PM

Гламурный фотограф из Бруклина

Не зря он упомянут в следующем произведении:

9:02 PM

Rüdesheim am Rhine by Seetruly (Lynda)

I Love That Small-Town Spirit in Rüdesheim am Rhine, Germany.
From Lynda: Rüdesheim is famous for their Asbach Uralt Brandy. I always keep a bottle on hand.

6:04 PM

Crater Lake National Park (Oregon) by Dizz
From Dizz: Crater Lake is stunning any time of year. We've been there in July (yes, there were still large patches of unmelted snow) and it was just as gorgeous. Some years experience more snow than others. They try to keep the main road in plowed, but aren't always successful! For your first trip, I'd recommend summer. You won't be disappointed.

11:05 PM

Lynne294 from New Zeland

Her Desert album is stunning:
(Central North Island ,New Zealand )

One of her albums has an interesting project about hatching and growing of Thrush bird babies:
See this link and several subsequent ones.

3:09 PM

Ivani4i from SPb
Very artistic pictures, elements of HDR.

Бали 2424 1 5 2 3

Ivani4i wrote in my guestbook on 2009-02-09:
На скале на берегу не ресторан, а храм)) Место называется Tahan Lot, это на западном побережье острова. К храму можно попасть только в отлив. Очень красивое место:
Бали 421-F

Это церемония. Кремации:
Бали 101-F

9:10 PM

Contest "Capture a Moment - Create a Memory!"

Sunrise in Torres del Paine, Chile

On The Yangtze River

Yuanyang rice terraced fields (magical)
Yuanyang, located at Yunnan Province of southern China is famous for its stunning landscape of rice terraced fields. An early morning trip to see the sunrise is a must for every visitor to Yuanyang. That morning, when I was there, it was too foggy to expect a beautiful sunrise. As most of the photographers were packing up to leave, all of a sudden, the magical moment appeared, and here you go, a memorable shot that I was able to capture.
Had to use a gradual ND filter to balance the contrast.

Koh Tao Island, Thailand by Ivani4i from SPb:
Used HDR just to the right extent - not overdone.

Margerie Glacier, Alaska

Camel Ride In Outback Australia


Жидкий дым

4:42 PM

Contest Crispness of Winter

My favorites (some winners, some underestimated, IMHO):
Winner: a fairy tale from Yosemite: ,
full size:
Srapada (Stan) 01-21- 2009: "Camera: Nikon D700, Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80) , Aperture: f/5.3, Focal Length: 75 mm, ISO Speed: 320 , adjustments were made with Aperture 1.5. I was actually at the Valley View of Yosemite to shoot El Capitan and the Merced River. Yosemite is an extremely difficult location to shoot; in that so many iconic images have been shot there. I often look for the shot that I have not seen taken by anyone. The image submitted is the result."

Rays Of Light (minimalistic meditative picture):

Pristine winter morning in SW MI - North Pier:

Branches with interesting texture:

Orange branches (Lithuanian Winter):

What if the trees had leaves in winter?

Frosty Footprint:

Frozen spiders web:

Wonderful ice crystals on a branch:

River with a plushy grass:

When the ice flames up:

Black cat in Winter:

frost flowers:

Gauja river valley in Sigulda, Latvia:

Frost on Glass:

The Promise of Spring (canoes):

Color in winter:

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