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11:35 AM

The first two albums from Galina's Istanbul trip

It was just a short stop over on my way to Russia.

2:53 PM

Japan: the first Nara album

Japan 2007

1:45 PM

Japan: Buddhist Paradise

Japan 2007

3:48 PM

Japan: traditional Japanese gardens and a nice Ikebana exhibit

Japan 2007

We have finally found where in metadata to store a picture title in order to have Fotki automatically read it. “Surprisingly enough,” it should be in the metadata field “Title” (and not in “Headline” that I used in the other two Himeji albums).


3:48 PM

First three albums about our trip to Japan

Japan 2007

This time the pictures are extensively commented. In addition, the comments for Himeji Castle are stored inside the relevant picture files in the form of metadata. The same – with the titles: they are stored in the metadata field “Headline”.


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