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How to find the newest creations by Ikarushka?

Just look below for the links with bullets, like this one: :

The newest addition can be found in the journal entry that immediately follows this one.

If you read the rest of the relevant entry, you will find out what is actually new (the pictures or the accompanying text), as well as whether any future modifications or additions are expected.
BTW, do you find it useful to see the names of places captured on pictures (along with some descriptions, if the author’s time allows)? Tell us what you think in your comment to this journal entry)).

Also, we’d love to see your questions/comments about our trips as well as about the relevant albums (in addition to comments for separate pictures). Please write those in “Comments” for the corresponding journal entriy below or (even better) use the tab "Comments" in the album view to post such general comment or question.

As usually, we will be looking for individual picture comments, which you are very welcome to add at the bottom of any particular picture.

5:09 PM

One of Ana's passions

During the last performance at the Museum of Science and Industry we finally took enough pictures to make an album. However, there was no video recording this time :( Some older pictures are at the end of the album.

Here is a later recording (Fall 2010):

And one more (also Fall 2010):

During a class (Winter 2010):


Our new car

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