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11:30 PM

What seniors and their dates do before the Prom

They gathered at a friend's house to allow parents take pictures. Then they boarded a limo and headed towards Ritz Carlton for another series of pictures (it was rainy outside). Finally, they went to Shedd Aquarium, the Prom venue, where they were greeted by their Dean of Students.

4:18 PM

Historic role play that you can take part in not far from Chicago

This was taken in 2006. Took less than five years to post :)


Starting the list of new albums - from those posted in the summer of 2005

Since Fotki doesn’t keep a sufficiently long sequence of “What’s new”, I’ll start the list of albums that we did not send group e-mails about. So if you don’t visit us every day, you might wanna check this list from time to time.


Posted in early August 2006:

Door County (WI) trip, June 2006

Posted in July 2006:

Wisconsin trip, June 2006

Posted in June 2006::

  • Mark Town – the site built in 1917 by Chicago Industrialist Clayton Mark Sr.

Posted in May 2006:

  • Rites of May 2006 - annual U of C Lab Schools international festival; we were running the Russian booth

Posted in August 2005:

BTW, here is another person's (Hardy) great picture of Pskov Krom ,
and here is a nice album about Vitoslavlitsy (Novgorod).

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